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Why “Snow White” Naturals?

Those who know me may or may not understand why I named this site Snow White Naturals. I adopted the online nickname “etihw_wons” years ago, which – if you read it backwards is…well, you get the idea. Somehow, it fits me perfectly. I’m pasty white, and I love snow; There’s also something about the backwards bit that fits my personality to a t.

And the naturals part? It’s because I’m really into natural things, both in what I put on my skin, and what I wear on my body. I’ve been a collector of rocks and stones for as long as I can remember. At one time my pocketbook was so packed full of my favorite stones that it could have doubled as a weapon in the event of a possible mugging! I know…I was a total weirdo.

A few years ago I began making jewelry, utilizing natural stones, and that’s where EN Jewelry Designs was born.

Then two years ago I began using Lemongrass Spa’s skin care and cosmetic line, and I fell in LOVE with their natural, chemical-free products! Their massage bars are to die for, and their bar soaps, and Healing products are some of my absolute favorites.

I also love photography, particularly, I love photographing nature. While my photos are all nature oriented, I love how, with people, a photo can capture something that’s inside a person, something that’s hidden away, something you don’t usually see, like a secret, and suddenly, there it is, and you can really see them. And that same concept of seeing something hidden away is one that intrigues me, with nature as well. A certain angle, the way the sunlight hits a particular leaf, etc, etc, etc.

Please explore my website to find out more about my home-based business, and how your lifestyle can be more in harmony with nature.

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