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I’m happy to act as your Personal Shopper, and place orders for you. When you choose this option, you can e-mail me at with your order, or any questions you might have, and then we can make arrangements for a secure payment method. Please do not send credit card information by email or private message, as it is not secure. I do offer to take payments by Paypal if that is easier for you.

Some of my customers prefer to make their purchases directly from my Consultant Website. If you are shopping from a party, please be sure to follow the instructions in the images below so your hostess will get the proper Hostess Credits.


Online Ordering Instructions –

Go to or follow the special party link you received by private message, email, or on Facebook. Then follow the ordering instructions here. Scroll down below the screenshots to see the accompanying instructions.

STEP 1: If you've come to my website via, and clicking "Shop Our Products", you will be asked if you wish to shop through a party, or outside a party. For your hostess to earn her hostess credits, you MUST shop through her party. WE CAN NO LONGER CONVERT NON-PARTY ORDERS TO PARTY ORDERS! Click "Shop Now" to the right of her party name.
STEP 2: If you've clicked through a party link, you will be shown this notice about your shipping options. Click "Shop Now" again to proceed to the shopping site.
STEP 3: When you've entered your hostess's party shopping site, her party name, and her name will appear in the upper left, under the Lemongrass Spa logo. You may now proceed to shop. Once you've done all your shopping, click "View Cart" or "Check Out" to proceed to the next step - filling in your personal information.
STEP 4: If for any reason you've gotten "lost" on the site, and have left your hostess's party, you will be shown this screen at checkout - it gives you one last chance to shop through your hostess's party. Be sure to click "Shop" under your hostess's name for her to get her credits.
STEP 5: The shipping option selection field has been recently redesigned to help customers make the right choice. If you want your order shipped immediately to your home without waiting for the party to close, you should choose the bottom button. If you don't live close enough to your hostess to collect your order from her when it arrives, then you should also check the bottom button.*(see exception, below) If you're ordering a special, limited-availability item, then you should also check the bottom button, as orders for items that say "While supplies last" are not finalized until the party closes. *If you're not ordering a "limited supply" item, and think you may want to add something to your order before the party closes, or you hope to win the Door Prize, you can leave "Ship to Host" checked, but let me know that you want to have the order shipped to you directly when the order closes. I can change it to Direct Ship for you when the party closes, if you let me know, but I CANNOT ALTER DIRECT SHIP ORDERS ONCE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED THEM! Once you've filled in your customer info, click "Save and Continue".
STEP 6: Here is where you will enter your credit card details securely. Enter the information, then click "Register" to allow the system to check for accuracy.
STEP 7: After entering your correct credit card details, you will be shown a screen with some of the details. You're not finished yet, however! Click Continue to go to the final step. You must complete the final step on the last screen for your order to go through.
STEP 8: You're almost done now! But some customers miss this critical last step - you MUST click the final "SUBMIT ORDER" button - otherwise I will not even be informed that you attempted to place an order. If you think you have placed an order, but don't get a confirmation email, you may have forgotten to click "Submit Order"! Are you having trouble placing your order? Just private message this business page, and I'll be happy to help you place your order.



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